The Ripples You Create

Imagine every one of us has a circular dam with concrete walls that represents our lives and the vibrations we send out into the Universe. The dam is in another realm. We don’t know how big our own respective dams are. Now imagine everything you do on a daily basis, causes a pebble or rock being dropped near the centre of the dam. Also imagine that a version of yourself is standing in the centre of the dam. The water comes up to your neck. You are fine … it is comfortable and you can breathe, no problem.

Then life happens.

As life happens, every thing you do … everything you think … everything you say … every person you associate with … causes a pebble, rock or boulder to be dropped into your dam. What happens when a pebble or rock drops into a dam filled with water? Two things.

1) It causes a ripple. The size of which is dependent on the size of the pebble, rock or boulder that was dropped into your dam.

2) The level of the water must inevitably rise with each solid object that gets dropped into your dam.

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See where I am going with this?

Now figure this:

Every person will cause ripples on a daily basis. That’s just life. Thus every person will have at least a few pebbles dropping into their dam every day … and so (eventually) each one of us will die when the level of the water of our dam rises up above our noses and we cannot breathe anymore. That’s the harsh reality of our mortality. We will die. It is a given. This will happen when enough pebbles, rocks or boulders have fallen into out respective dams.

Your dam may be bigger than that of some other people. We don’t get the same size of dam and we cannot see how big our own dam is. For that reason some people may die young because their dam was small and it didn’t require too many pebbles or rocks to cause the water level to rise above their noses. For whatever reason, that’s another harsh reality we have to deal with. We will die, but we don’t know when. Some will die young and others will live longer. We cannot control some things in life. We can, however, give ourselves the best chance to live as long as possible. How? By making sure only pebbles get dropped into our dam. Logic tells you that ten pebbles a day will cause your dam level to rise less than ten rocks … or one boulder.

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Let me get to the point here:

Every day your actions, thoughts and words (and even the people you associate with) cause pebbles, rocks or boulders to be dropped into your dam. The size of the object being dropped into your dam is dependent on how positive or negative your actions, thoughts or words are. Our mortality ensures that at least pebbles will be dropped into your dam every day. So, your level of water will rise every day … closer to the point where it goes over your nose and you die. That simply means your life will run out someday. As I said before, we cannot control that we will die. It will happen. What you can, however, control is to give yourself the best chance to live as long as possible. How do we do that?


Do positive things, use positive words and think positive thoughts … and only small pebbles get dropped into your dam. That means small ripples are created and your water level will rise very slowly. Pebbles (positive lifestyle) are small … so they create small ripples and take up very small area at the bottom of your dam … so the level of the water in your dam will take a long time to rise to your nose. Of course rocks and boulders (negative lifestyle) will create much bigger ripples or waves … and they will also see to it that your dam level rises far quicker. Wouldn’t you rather want to fill your dam with pebbles (long and comfortable life), than with rocks or boulders (short, stormy, traumatic and drama filled life)?

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Be sure to create small ripples every day of your life.

Now let me tell you about the ripples or vibrations you cause every day of your life:

The Universe has a simple law: “What you give, is what you get.” It is very simple.

Say, do and think positive words, deeds and thoughts every day and you will cause only pebbles to be dropped into your dam. This causes small ripples and your water level will also rise very slowly. You will have a comfortable life. Only small ripples will go out and when it reaches your dam wall, it will bounce back and come back to you.

The point is quite simple: what you give out to the Universe, predicts what will come back to you. This is a law of the Universe. You cannot debate the fact. It is what it is. Whatever you give out, will come back to you … be it positive or negative. Better make sure the vibrations you send out are positive then, don’t you think? Yes indeed.

Positive words, deeds and actions will release small pebbles into your dam. This causes small ripples, that will come back to you at some stage. Because they are so small, it won’t bother you, it will soothe you and create beautiful and relaxing ripples in the water. You will feel good and experience good things. After all, you gave out good vibrations, so that’s what will come back to you.

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Another law of the Universe: Once you do, say or think something, it is done. You cannot undo it. Sorry won’t help. Changing your ways will not help or change the effects of any ripples that were created before you changed your ways. It has already created a vibration or ripple in your dam. Just as sure as I am sitting here, that ripple you created will come back to you. At some stage, that ripple will strike your dam wall and come back to you. You might have a small dam and then the ripple will come back sooner, rather than later … or you might have a big dam and then that ripple will take it’s time to come back to you. But it is a fact that it WILL come back to you.







You can do nothing about it. Once a vibration or ripple has been created by your actions, words or thoughts it WILL come back to you at some stage in your life.

It might sometimes take long to come back to you … and you might have totally changed your ways by the time it eventually comes back to you. You will be very surprised then. You might have forgotten all about that negative ripple you created a long time ago. It might shock you, because you have been living a good and positive life for a very long time. You may have thought your new positive way of life has eliminated or cancelled that negative ripple. Sorry dude, it doesn’t work like that. Once a ripple has been created, it has been created … and it will go out until it strikes your dam wall. Then it will find it’s way back to you where you are standing in the middle of your dam … and it will hit you from all sides at once. You see, ripples travel out one after the other in the order you created them. New ripples you create will follow the older ones, but can never catch them or cancel them or eliminate them. Each of them goes out wider and wider in the order of occurrence, patiently following each other, until each ripple or vibration strikes your dam wall. Then it stops going out, changes direction and travels back inwards right to where it originally came from … YOU.

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I hope you are catching my drift here?

If not, let me explain.

Positive and good deeds, words and thoughts will cause small and positive vibrations or ripples. These will eventually come back to you as good vibrations or ripples. Good things will happen to you, because that’s what you put out in the first place. Your life should also be longer (unless you have a small dam), because the pebbles will cause the level of your water to rise very slowly. You might sometimes do or say something which causes a rock to be dropped into your dam and that bigger ripple will then come back to you and temporarily cause you discomfort or drama. It happens to all of us. Nobody is perfect. The point is, that the negative ripple was maybe a singular occurrence or maybe it only happens a few times in your life. The negative effect it will cause will therefore not last long before the positive ripples you have created will once again bring peace and harmony into your life.

The opposite happens when you are guilty of daily or regular negative deeds, thoughts and words. Negativity will cause rocks or boulders to drop into your dam. Of course rocks and boulders create larger ripples or vibrations. It also causes your water level to rise quicker, because they are bigger than pebbles … thus shortening your life. Now, at some stage those large ripples or vibrations must come back to you. Remember, once it was created it WILL come back to you. It cannot be cancelled or eliminated. So what happens when large ripples strike you one after the other? You will feel as if you are drowning … struggling to keep your nose above the water before the next large ripple strikes you. Your life will be a struggle, filled with turmoil and drama. No use blaming other people then. You created the negative ripples through your own deeds, words and thoughts. You may understand now that sending out a lot of bad vibrations or negative ripples into the Universe is not the best idea. In fact, it is a very stupid idea. It will come back to you, full stop.

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Now the good thing about a bad ripple is that it is only a ripple. It will end. So, you will experience pain … sadness … struggle … sickness … misfortune for only a period of time. This is a result of that bad ripple you sent out at some stage. Then suddenly the ripple will be gone. Then you can breathe again. Things will look up then. The bad ripple you had created came back to you and it affected you negatively, because it reflected the vibrations or energy you sent out when you created it. Harmony will, however, be restored if the bad ripple is followed by positive vibrations.

You might understand now that you would want to keep the bad vibrations or negative ripples you create to the bare minimum.

Yes, Einstein … that would be a very good idea.

You want to keep those negative waves to a bare minimum, otherwise your life is just going to be a struggle.

Now, we all do or say bad things or think negative thoughts. Therefore, each of us will have some misfortune or tough times at some stage in life when those negative ripples or vibrations we had created came back to us. We learn from it. Wise people will adapt and embrace only positive deeds, words and thoughts. Wise people will be very conscious about what vibrations they send out or what ripples they create. You can really predict your future quite accurately in this way.

Other people will experience lots of drama, heartache, sickness or loss on a consistent basis … all due to the negative vibrations or ripples they themselves have sent out or created by their own deeds, words or thoughts.

It really is as simple as that.

For example: Murderers or rapists will cause huge boulders to drop into their dams. This causes huge waves that will come back to them and suppress their heads under the water. That’s when they get caught and gets sentenced for their evil deeds. Or they will die early. I have seen this so many times. They simply sign their own death certificates by committing a murder. If they do not die themselves, they doom themselves to a life of hell on earth. They will rot in a prison and their lives can never be joyful and pleasant (even if they are not caught).

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The same goes for any negative action, be it stealing, adultery or whatever. By committing a negative act, you have created a negative wave that WILL come back to you as sure as I am writing this. It will come back to you. The same goes for words and thoughts … although deeds are the strongest creator of vibrations or ripples of the three.

You might understand by now that you are dooming yourself to receive some sort of loss, heartache, struggle, bad luck or drama by sending out negative vibrations or energy. It will come back to you … sooner or later. Once it was created, it will come back to you. Nope, you can pray and ask for forgiveness all you want … it will come back to you. That’s how this particular law of the Universe works. It is best to understand the simplicity and harsh reality of the vibrations you create. It is a heartless creation. You simply get back what you created yourself. Stupid people use the word bad luck. You don’t have bad luck … you have self made creations. Your tomorrow is dependent on what you choose to do today.

Now, some people are habitual creators of negative vibrations or ripples. What does that mean? Their lives will be filled with constant drama, struggle, loss, sickness, heartache, etc. It won’t be just a season caused by one negative wave … it will continue for as long as they continue to create negative waves or vibrations.

Catch my drift?

Yes, you should understand by now that positive thoughts, deeds and words are critical every day of your life, no matter what. Why? Every positive ripple or vibration you send out, will come back to you as a positive vibration and it will bring goodness, prosperity, happiness and peace with it.

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I want to go deeper into this. You are probably only thinking about the obvious superficial things when you consider what positive or negative vibrations are. It goes so MUCH deeper than that. Allow me to explain :

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a very positive action and will bring more positivity back to you in more ways than you can imagine. The mere act of appreciating your body and looking after it, creates beautiful vibrations that will bring so many blessings back to you. Not only will you be healthy and energetic, you will also find that doors will open on so many levels for you if you simply take care of your health every day. In short, you will prosper on all levels just by appreciating and taking care of your life and body.

The same goes for obeying the laws of your country.

Stick to the speed limit.

Don’t litter.

Live in harmony with all life forms.

Don’t make noise.

Don’t cheat on your partner.

Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs.

When the government orders you to stay home during the pandemic, stay home. Don’t think you know better and can bend the rules as it suits you personally.

Simple little things like these will either send out negative vibrations or positive vibrations into the Universe.

Don’t be fooled, they will come back to you in some way.

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What have we learned?

Yes … be it positive or negative vibrations, they will come back to you.

Once a vibration or ripple has been created it will come back to you at some stage … be it positive or negative. It is a law of the Universe. Even I am still guilty of sending out negative ripples sometimes. The difference between myself and most other people, is that I know when I have done wrong (like toy with someone’s emotions, without the intent to really date her). Yes, I know when I send out negative vibrations … and I know they will come back to me … and when they do, I always point my finger at myself. I admit it was my own doing or choices that created that negative vibration, which inevitably came back to me. You will never find me pointing my finger at anyone else. I always point my finger at myself. I was in control of my choices, deeds, words or thoughts. I am the creator of my own vibrations, nobody else can create a vibration on my behalf. I am brutally honest with myself in that regard.

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So how about being a remarkable being and always do the right thing? Always send out the right (positive) vibrations. Always create positive ripples with every deed, thought or word.

Your tomorrow is a result of what you do, say or think today.


You write your own script.

Make it a good one.


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