The World Within

There exists a world within me to which I escape every day. It is an imaginary, but perfect world. It is a world I dream of. A world I want to see and experience for real. I have no doubt that my ideal world within will one day become a reality. It will take time, but it will happen as man evolves. This is my world within….

It is a lonely, but beautiful place. I use the word lonely, but I really mean to use the word solitude. I find peace and joy in solitude … far from the senseless existence of mankind. Or shall I say most of mankind. What is normal and acceptable for most is abnormal and unacceptable to me. I struggle to make sense of the existence of most people.

I see people smoking and I wonder what goes on in their minds. Do they think it is cool? Who would think it is cool? In my mind the only word that comes to mind is idiot when I see someone smoke. I can’t even look at them, because their actions are so ridiculously stupid. They have been given the blessing of life and they choose to destroy and pollute their bodies in this way? It is beyond comprehension.

Sure, I understand some people are mentally weaker than others or struggle with mental issues. They need the fix. I get that. However, by polluting their bodies, they are actually making their problem way worse than it originally was. The answer will be found in sober and healthy daily habits and rituals … not in negative and destructive behaviour. But that involves discipline, pride and hard work … it is so much easier to just light up and continue on the downward spiral. Then, when it is too late and all the damage has been done, they suddenly look for ways to live a more healthy life. What a pity. Only when they realize they are screwed, due to their own negative and destructive habits, do they finally find the drive to try to prolong their lives by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

It is too late then, isn’t it….?

I go within and visualize myself sharing a world with intelligent beings that are in control of themselves. It is a beautiful world where cigarettes does not even exist …  and won’t ever be tolerated. It is a world where we live in a clean and healthy way … where we respect our bodies and are grateful for the life given to us. Taking life for granted and abusing our bodies, would be equal to a criminal offense. It just does not happen in the beautiful world within.

I share a world with people where alcohol is king. The masses work all week, simply to drink all weekend. For the life of me, I cannot understand this mentality. Wine in moderation is fine … I am talking hard liquor here. I am talking alcohol consumption to the point of being drunk. I am talking about regular consumption of hard liquor even when not getting drunk. Is this how you appreciate your body? Is this how you show gratitude for the life you have been given … by polluting it with alcohol? Again, the words “beyond comprehension” comes to mind.

As your drinking buddies die off way too young, your reaction is to pour a drink and celebrate their wasted lives. I get it. The pennie didn’t drop for you. You will probably wait until it is too late and then try to undo the damage that you have done … if you get the chance. You might find then that damage to the body cannot be undone. The body is only tolerant for so long. Once it rebels, it rebels to the point of no return. The sad thing is that not only you will suffer when your body gives in. There are people who love and care for you who will have to witness your suffering and decline. Your kids may have to grow up without the parent they love so dearly. But let’s worry about that later when it is too late. Let’s live for the now. Pour another one, my friend.

I have written this on numerous occasions and I am going to say it again: On what sensible planet is alcohol even allowed? The leaders see innocent people being molested, attacked, raped, slaughtered in accidents and murdered by intoxicated people … and all they do about it is to pour another one. Yes, that’s the senseless planet we live on. It leaves me numb when I realize how we are thrown for the wolves by our leaders.

In the world within, I share a planet with sensible beings where we don’t tolerate the existence of alcohol or anyone who has a taste for it. We are sober and responsible. We don’t require artificial means to find joy in life. Feeling healthy, in control and sober is what gives us joy in life. Healthy living is our drug of choice.

In the world within, we don’t go on worldwide lockdown for a virus only … we go on a worldwide lockdown if any alcohol is detected anywhere on this planet. In the sensible and intelligent world within, we won’t let one person die or be negatively impacted by the existence of alcohol … no, we shut down the whole planet at the mere mention of the word alcohol, because we know that it is far more destructive than any virus.

In the world within we care about each and every person, plant and animal.

In the world within, we are sensible and responsible.

In the world within, anything capable of causing any person, animal or plant harm won’t be tolerated.

In the world within littering does not exist. The mere act of throwing anything unnatural down on the ground or out of a window, will be punishable by death. In my world within you don’t deserve to be on this planet if that is how you disrespect Mother Earth.

In the world within, alcohol and those with a taste for it, won’t be tolerated and does not exist.

In the world within, we are capable of clear and independent thought and live in harmony with every possible life form.

In the world within, noise does not exist and will not be tolerated. In the world within, the most beautiful sounds can be heard and they are all natural sounds of nature. No loud music. No loud people. No loud cars. In the world within, we are at peace and harmony with nature and the world we live in. To me, the three month hard lockdown period was the most amazingly fantastic period in my life. There was peace … silence … nature was allowed to flourish … no stupid people around. I enjoyed every single minute … in solitude … in beautiful nature … in absolute peace and solitude.

To me, hard lockdown was heaven.

To me, hard lockdown was the ideal world.

In the world within, we respect our bodies and are grateful for the life we have been blessed with.

I see cars and motorcycles evolving to be better, bigger and faster with the release of every new model. Cars gets more powerful and faster … and we demand the same. Although speed limits have been set and enforced, the majority of the low end cars on this planet are capable of going faster than the speed limits. There are one or two exceptions.

For some odd reason, that I cannot comprehend, we are trusting very irresponsible people to drive very powerful cars or motorcycles. The inevitable result is that people speed. People drive while intoxicated. People drive while being angry. So what happens then? Well, innocent people and animals die in their masses on a daily basis. We are so used to it that we just shake our heads and carry on in our destructive ways.

In the world within, it is a different matter altogether. In the world within, we drive cars that are programmed to only drive to the speed limit set on each respective road. In orderly fashion, cars follow one another all at the same speed, incapable of passing another car or going faster than the speed limit for the road it finds itself upon. Just like people in Japan, the cars go about their ways in orderly, considerate and safe manner. If they come within a certain distance of another car or obstacle, the car slows down automatically. No accidents can happen. No people or animals are killed on our roads. We live in a sane and rational world. The world within is where I find joy and experience how the ideal external world should be.

In the external world, I see a world full of criminals. They can’t even play sports without trying to con the referee into giving them an advantage over the other team. Integrity and fair play does not exist. They are shamefully and blatantly living a deceitful lifestyle. For the majority of you this is normal.

To me it is abnormal.

Ordinary, good people live in fear of criminals and have to take every precaution possible to prevent criminals from attacking them, robbing them, raping them or killing them. Innocent women and children are being kidnapped and used as sex slaves. Innocent animals are being murdered and tortured by bloodthirsty humans every day. We live in a horrific external world. The truth is that we actually live in the safest world ever. The circumstances were much worse earlier in the existence of humanity when nobody could be held accountable for the atrocities they committed. Nobody even knew about most of the incidents that took place, because we were not as connected and in touch as we are now. Even in this modern world, the situation is barbaric.

In the world within, crime cannot happen and if it does, we instantly know who the perpetrators were. In the world within there is no need for prisons. This can happen, because we all are injected with some kind of mechanism to track our every move. Even when you are only thinking bad thoughts, your blood and skin turns a different colour or an alarm is raised and you are removed from society. Let’s face it, only criminals or dishonest people will object to such a system. I couldn’t care less who is tracking my daily existence, because I have nothing to hide.

With this system, crime will simply seize to exist, because there is nowhere to hide. There can be no arguments or denial … only the cold hard truth and facts will exist. Criminals will get wiped out quickly and efficiently with zero tolerance, because there can be no doubt about their guilt. What a wonderful world the world within is. It is peaceful, orderly and crime free. Innocent people and children can walk the streets at any time of the day or night without fear of being attacked by evil monsters disguised as human beings. In the world within, you don’t have to lock your doors or worry about another human being. In the world within, you are safe and can live life in peace, harmony and enjoyment.

I see religion dividing the world into opposing groups. It causes the “them and us” mentality. “Them” are always wrong and “us” are always right. Wars gets fought in the name of religion. Terrorism occurs in the name of religion. Great injustice happens in the name of religion. This is true for all religions.

In the world within, I see a world free of religious intolerance and indoctrination. I see people embracing and loving each other, despite what religion they belong to. I see religion actually making better individuals of people and not worse, as is currently the case. I see everyone embracing one another and living in absolute peace and harmony, religious or not. I see good people walking the earth whom embrace others for the good people they are. I see people identifying with each other purely based on their behaviour … not because of the words they use.

In the world within, I see behaviour and character attracting people to one another … not their programmed beliefs … nor their skin color. I see people of all skin colours identifying with each other, because they display the same behaviour and character. The colour of your skin doesn’t feature in the world within. All I see is how you behave. In the world within racism doesn’t exist. Good people are drawn together, just like bad people are drawn together, no matter what the colour of their skins are.

The key word is behaviour.

In the world within I see little children been taught since birth to appreciate their bodies … to be grateful for the lives they have been given … to be respectful and tolerant of all other life forms, including animals and plants … to be orderly as they go about their daily business … to form neat and organized lines … to be well behaved and disciplined … to never make noise and disturb the natural harmony of the world … to be dignified in their daily behaviour … and to never litter or harm the natural world. They only leave footprints, nothing more. These life skills are more important than any other subject currently being taught at school. In the world within, we program kids to be remarkable beings. A similar system exist in Japan today. In the world within, I see humanity being raised to be compassionate, dignified and orderly beings … unlike the superficial and disrespectful idiots we raise today.

I go to the world within every day. I visualize the world I want to see. I feel the wonderful feeling of existing in such a pleasant and peaceful world, where we are truly evolved beings who actually deserve to be called humans. The world within is a beautiful one. It is a world where people are emotionally mature, dignified and peaceful. It is a world where animals are loved and cherished … and allowed to walk the earth freely without bloodthirsty hunters laying in wait for them.

The world within is one where people do not scream and shout and get involved in arguments. It is a world where you must qualify by virtue of the good person you are to have children. I have seen too many people abusing their little children by screaming and shouting at them and giving them physical punishment (most of these are religious people, programmed in this way). To this day, I have never physically punished my two children and never will. I have never even raised my voice to them. When we have a problem, we sort it out in a dignified and civilized way. To us, any behaviour other than a dignified one, is totally abnormal. We cannot understand it. We cannot associate with it.

The world within is much like you will imagine heaven to be … just a pleasant and amazing place to be day in and day out. No drama. No negativity. No violence. No criminals. No noise. Just beautiful natural sounds and a beautiful existence for all. Ever listened to the words of Imagine by John Lennon? The world within is something like that….

Now the funny thing is this:

We can have this beautiful imaginary world that exists within me for real on this planet.

Yes, we can have heaven on earth for real. It is actually so easy to achieve. It might take a few generations, but each generation will be better than the preceding one … and so we get better and better until we achieve the beautiful world within. As I sit here, I have no doubt that an evolved alien world would be like the world within me. I also have no doubt that we will have this beautiful world within 100 or 200 years from now. I have no doubt about that. It will come. We have already come a far way since just thirty years ago when people thought it was their right to smoke their disgusting (and may I add idiotic) cigarettes anywhere they wanted.

Imagine the progress we will make in another 100 years….

It is to the world within where I escape to almost every day when this world irritates me no end. It is the world within were I would rather be, than to go out and seek social interaction with humanity. It is in the solitude of my world within where I find peace and joy. It is in the world within where I feel comfort and at home. The senseless existence of humanity unsettles me. I don’t like it. I don’t like most humans. I don’t want to be part of it. I would rather stay at home and find peace and joy in my solitude and in my own world within.

In the world within, we are mindful and aware. Mindful and aware of everything and everyone. We are capable of clear and independent thought. We can think. We actually do think. If I park here, can other cars come out? If I do this, how will it affect another person, animal or plant? We are mindful and aware of even the simplest things in life. What a beautiful world within … where people can think … and are mindful and aware.

What a beautiful world exists within. It is the world many under evolved idiots will laugh at now and call me crazy, but which will become a reality in future. Too bad you and I won’t be here to experience it. Until then, I will rather continue to travel within and live in my own world within where I find most peace, joy and happiness.

It is a beautiful place.

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