You got this

Every 365 (sometimes 366) days, we have a chance to start over … to hit the refresh button. The majority of us will make firm resolutions for the new year and never stick to it beyond the first weeks or months of the new year. You see, what they forgot to do was to realize that each and every item on their list will require sheer discipline and dedication to achieve. Most of us lack that willpower and discipline. It is easier just to be everything you don’t want to be. Easier to be overweight or fat. Easier to be unfit and unhealthy. Easier to indulge in the unhealthy stuff as if you have no control over yourself. Easier to be uneducated. Easier to be unhappy and accept things as they have become. Easier to accept second best. Easier to make every excuse in the book. Easier to simply stay in your miserably unhappy relationship. Easier to justify your unhealthy lifestyle by saying stupid things like, “You have one life, eat the cake.” It is always the unhealthy and out of shape person that will create problems out of solutions by saying things like, “what about cholesterol?” when an obviously very healthy person, who have lived a certain lifestyle for a number of years, tries to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. See, that’s the mentality of the masses out there. It is easier to convince yourself why you should not be disciplined and lead a healthy lifestyle. You (as the unhealthy and overweight one) will make senseless (and blatantly stupid) arguments like “what about the cholesterol?” when an in shape and very healthy person tries to help improve the quality of your life.

It is too easy to be fat, unhealthy and miserably unhappy.

It is so sad to see how people display their lack of gratitude for the life they have been given, in this way.

The truth is: You have one life, make sure you make the most of it by being healthy and disciplined. Be in control, rather than being controlled by all the wrong habits.

Until 2014, I was one of the above.

It is not a good place to be in life. Being content with mediocrity, unhappiness and second best is never a good thing. Why would you want to waste your life like that? You have been given one life in your current state and body … don’t take it for granted. Show your gratitude, by making the most of it. Most people live their lives in a constant state of unhappiness and unfulfillment. Secretly, they constantly long for something more … something better than they currently have. Someone they don’t currently have. Yet they neglect to shape themselves into that person capable of attracting or achieving better than they currently have … or the type of person their heart really longs for.

Too hard and complicated, you say?

I beg to differ. It is actually so easy to achieve.

All you need to do is to make a list of the ten or twenty (or thirty) core goals, you wish to achieve or experience in life. Know that this list will change as you tick the items off, but you will (or should) always have core goals to achieve. It is, however, not as easy as simply making a list … no, that won’t do. Although it is an important step in the process, you need to go deeper … much deeper. Superficial actions won’t cut it.

Give that list serious thought and then commit it to paper. Write them down and streamline them. Now you have a base to work from. What many people do then, is to stick this list on a wall or door where they can see it every day. Despite doing that, they don’t even see the list anymore after two or three weeks … it simply becomes part of the furniture. That won’t do will it? As I said, you gotta go in deep to achieve the good stuff.

Nope, you gotta step up your game. Let me teach you how. This is how I do it:

I have a list if core goals that has been part of my life for a good seven years. This list has changed of course, but some long term items remain thereon, although I have already made excellent progress towards achieving it. I review the list at the end of every year and implement a new (revised) list at the start of each year.

Once I have that list in place, I begin the process of committing each item to my memory. I want to see that list clearly in my mind at any moment of every day. I would walk around in the neighborhood, pretending to exercise, but actually reciting my list over and over. I would drink coffee and recite my list. I would drive my car and recite my list. I would lay in bed before bed-time and fall asleep, busy reciting my list. If I forget something, I will look at the written list. This happens a lot. So, I go on and on until that list is totally ingrained into my head. I can see it. I can scroll through it at any time of the day or night. It has become part of me. It is not stuck against a wall or door somewhere where I see it a few times per day…. Nope, it is ingrained in my mind. It is part of me every moment if the day.

With time, each number on my list gets associated with something particular I wish to achieve. So, just by thinking about a certain number, the goal associated with that number immediately jumps out at me … effortlessly. It has become second nature.

To make matters easier, each number gets permanently associated with a certain core goal, i.e. #1 always relates to my desired income. So, the only thing that changes every year, is how much I want to make on average every month for that year … but #1 always is associated with my desired income. In the same way, #9 always refers to my physical appearance and how I continuously strive to be fitter, better, stronger and look better, younger and healthier than I did yesterday. At age 55, I feel I am getting better in every possible way with each passing day. My life is on a physical upward graph … not on a natural decline as most people expect and accept it to be. No dude, we are pushing the boundaries and continuously moving the goal post. Ordinary and mundane is not part of the script … and that is why #12 always reminds me that, “I am remarkable, every day in every way.” So, every action, thought and word serves the purpose of displaying how remarkable I am. Every day, in every way. This is not an ego trip. This is being the best I can be. This is about being the example I want everyone to follow. Don’t say it, do it.

I recite this list (mine has sixteen core goals) every single day … sometimes more than once per day. I reinforce and affirm those core goals every single day, whether I am out strolling through the neighbourhood or sipping on a cuppa. I make time for this. It is a critical part of my day. If I don’t do this, I feel I am disassociating myself from my core goals and by doing so, I won’t ever achieve them. So, the key is to reinforce and affirm them every single day.

Now, understand this: It is no use to have core goals (sixteen, in my case) if you don’t also understand that each one requires certain actions before you can achieve them. It is no use that I walk around and recite #8, “My dream woman is always by my side,” but I don’t understand how I must change my behaviour to attract exactly this person into my life. How can I expect my dream woman to be drawn to me, when I am not the dream man? So, each core goal, requires understanding of what is required to achieve the goal and how I must live my life to ensure exactly that. When I recite this particular goal (#8) I always realise that I must behave like the dream man every single day … otherwise I won’t be able to draw in that magical dream woman I am dreaming of. I make mistakes … sure I do. I have moments of weakness, where I do quite the opposite from what I know I should be doing. That’s fine. I scold myself and show genuine remorse by not repeating those mistakes. That’s the power of the list in my mind, because I know I have to take one step in the right direction for each of my core goals every single day. When I make mistakes in a moment of weakness, I realise immediately that I took a step backward … not a step forward. That feeling of failure is so energy draining and deflating, that I dread repeating the same mistake. By the same token, making the right micro decisions every day (like not eating that little cookie) on a regular basis, rewards me with so much energy, drive and sense of achievement, that it drives me forward towards each of my goals with passionate ease.

You see, my list is so ingrained in my mind, that every action … every thought … every word must be in line with these sixteen core goals. It is fascinating how the correct daily behaviours (rituals), the correct thoughts, the correct deeds, just propel you to bigger and better things every single day. By the end of the day, I am so excited and pumped when I have taken even half a step forward towards each one of my sixteen core goals. The next day offers me the opportunity to take another step (or half a step) forward. After seven days, I am seven step towards each of my desired goals. I don’t look back and wish I got started seven days ago … no, I look back and see that I have already taken seven steps towards each goal. That sense of achievement creates an irresistible energy and drive within me. That’s how you do it. You don’t put anything off. If it can wait for tomorrow to get started, then you are never going to achieve that goal, sorry.

Winners and achievers make no excuses … they do.

Losers and non-achievers postpone, justify their current lifestyle and lack the passion and discipline to ever be better than what they have become (due to their own actions) … and so the downward spiral continues.

Don’t procrastinate … DO!

It does happen that sometimes the Universe simply throws a spanner in the works. So reciting #14 “I travel overseas twice a year,” is useless at certain times … i.e. March 2019 to present. The Corona Virus simply threw us all a curveball. The goal could not be achieved due to any fault by myself. The Universe simply had other plans for all of us. Does that mean #14 gets less attention or gets removed from my core goals? Nope. Even though I could not travel, I researched and dreamt of where I would travel once it was safe to do so. The passion remained. External forces cannot derail my goals … only my own lack of commitment, focus or passion can derail whatever I want to achieve. I am the master of my own life. I write my own script. Sure, sometimes external forces plays a role in delaying or altering my path, but ultimately, I am the one in charge.

I will achieve every goal … and then I will shift the goal posts. So, when I achieve something, like attracting my dream woman into my life, I will change #8 to making sure I keep and cherish my dream woman. The focus will then change from attracting her to keeping her. This will ensure that I constantly will strive to be even more of a dream man than ever before. The moment you let go of that core goal once it has been achieved, you can only change the constant upward curve to a negative and downward one. There is nothing more sad than to see that happen. You gotta be “wake up,” focussed and passionate until the day you leave this planet. You have no one, but yourself, to blame if you end up losing whatever you worked so hard to achieve.

It is a permanent lifestyle … not a temporary commitment.

So, once you have committed your core goals to paper … and then copied the same into your memory, the key is to live it. Every day, every moment. Every thought. Every action. Every word. Everything you do, think and say must be in line with whatever your core goals are. You cannot sit back and hope the desired income will flow in … no, you will have to work hard and passionately to ensure that happens. You will have to acquire certain new skills and always do everything to the best of your ability. You cannot hope to be better and fitter and more good looking than yesterday if you don’t exercise, say no to the cookie and lead a healthy lifestyle today. What you give today, is what you get tomorrow. Simple.

Live it.

Be it.

Recite your core goals. Then understand what daily actions (or rituals) are required to achieve each and every one of them. Then take those small daily steps forward every day simply by doing, thinking, saying and being all the right things that will bring you to that desired goal.

Live it.

Be it.

One step forward, every single day.

This is where the magic starts to happen.

Astounding things will happen. By sheer chance, certain things will simply fall into place. The right people get drawn into your life. The right circumstances will be given to you. The right sequence of events will happen. Whatever you need to achieve certain goals, will be given to you. Don’t think about it … trust the process. Your actions, intentions, thoughts, words and deeds must – however – be pure, constructive and positive if you wish to have positive outcomes. No use, I recite #4 “I experience happiness, good luck and prosperity every day,” when my thoughts, deeds, words an actions sends out the opposite message into the Universe. Your deeds, thoughts, words and behavior are the stronger expression of what you really desire and deserve … so make sure you do what you say. Make sure you are whatever you want to be.

Live it.

Be it.

You are the author of your own script. You must simply dig deep, live it and be it. Every day, every moment. Be your remarkable self, every day in every way. You can be like fine wine … better looking … fitter … healthier … tastier … happier … more prosperous … more remarkable … the older you get.

Live it.

Be it.

You got this.


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