A Remarkable Existence

Being a remarkable person, means that you have realised long ago that you share the streets with some very unremarkable beings. You are in the minority, period. It is a very unsettling reality to come to terms with. No, we are not talking skin color here.

You have also probably learnt to talk with them, rather than against them. It is a self preservation thing. Never has human stupidity been more highlighted than in 2020. I have seen and heard some things that left me numb with shock as I negotiated the treacherous 2020.

What can a man do amongst such an abundance of utter stupidity and blatant opportunistic parasitic existence?

Realize what you are dealing with. Adapt. Understand. Uplift. Survive. Most of all, be a good example. Stand out. Be remarkable. Lead by example. They will take notice and follow, eventually.

How do we do that?

The secret lies in the small things. Nobody cares about how successful you are or how rich you are. Being remarkable does not involve being rich, successful, good looking or having the best body. The most remarkable people I have ever met has been simple and simply good to the core.

Here is what I consider to be a remarkable existence:

1) Not needing alcholol to enjoy life. Not working all week simply to drink everything you have earned during the week away on weekends. Not romanticizing alcohol. In what utterly stupid world do we make songs about something as destructive as alcohol? A parasite makes songs about alcohol, because he/she tries to benefit from the disgusting drinking culture of the masses. It is beyond comprehension.

Something as destructive as alcohol should not even exist in a sensible world. Yes, it is not the alcohol, I hear you. It is the stupid people who use it. That’s the problem. We have to think for stupid people and regulate them. But they have rights, you say. The more stupid they are, the more rights they demand. Simply to continue to indulge in their destructive habits. The problem with their destructive habits is that innocent people mostly are the ones to suffer as a result.

Innocent people.

Innocent animals.


They are the ones who suffer, because we expect idiotic people to behave responsibly.


2) Stick to the speed limit.

Speed limits have been set for the benefit of all of the road users, yet you always get those inconsiderate idiots whom can’t be bothered. Even though I drive a very powerful Audi, I always drive it on speed control. The speed control is always set to the speed for the road I am on … even while driving in town. It frustrates me no end when I am driving perfectly on the speed limit and one inconsiderate idiot after the other forces me to pull to the left to let them by … and then mostly have the audacity to even say thank you. So stupid are they, that they have groups where they warn other road users where the speed cameras are…. And so, they compound the problem on the roads. How many innocent people have not died as a result?

I am sorry, I don’t understand this mentality.

How about just being a remarkable person and stick to the speed limit? Wouldn’t that simple act save lives and be to the benefit of all road users?

Such a small thing, but it will have such a profound effect on all of us. Simply be remarkable and stick to the speed limit.

3) Do the right thing, always.

You will often hear well spoken idiots use words like, “right for who?” Yes, they exist and they think they are very clever for trying to mindfuck everyone with their well-spoken rubbish. Let’s ignore these fools. The simple reality is that you don’t need to be a genius to understand that any action that will benefit the greater good of all life forms, is “the right thing” to do. In the same way, any action that causes any life form harm or inconvenience in any way, is the wrong thing to do.

If it is not yours, don’t take it.

If it is not your wife, don’t flirt with her.

When nobody is watching, that’s when you really have to do the right thing … because the Universe is watching and the Universe will give you exactly what you give out … with interest. You really write your own script. You predict your tomorrow by what you are doing today … so make sure it is the right thing. Pure and simple.

It is good to remember to adopt a lifestyle that is in harmony with the Universe. Simply be a good and kind person. Respect nature and every little life form. Be responsible and respectful of everyone and everything. Don’t litter. Don’t steal or deceive.

4) Walk away.

You will have to deal with idiots every single day. They are so lowly evolved that trouble will follow them around. Stupid people will react to them and ignite an explosive situation. Sensible people will walk away from them and not give them a second thought. Really the best way to deal with trouble makers is to ignore their existence, not acknowledge them and to completely cut them from your life. That’s the ultimate insult, right there. Don’t spare them a thought. Don’t acknowledge them in any way. The only way you can give trouble makers or energy vampires any power, is to acknowledge them, engage with them and react to them. By walking away and not acknowledging their existence, you simply render them totally incompetent and insignificant.

If an incident happens on the roads somewhere, simply take the next exit and drive away from the negative situation. Why would you engage with someone in an explosive situation? Do you really think any good can come from such actions? Stupid people engage. Wise people take the next exit.

Simply walk away … or drive away.

5) Treat everybody with respect.

The sign of a truly good person is someone who makes even the poorest person feel respected. Leave them with a smile on their face and joy in their heart by treating them with respect and dignity. Of course they must deserve to be respected and treated with dignity by displaying positive and harmonious behaviour. I won’t even acknowledge a drunk, trouble maker, someone who litters or makes a noise. I don’t look at them. I don’t acknowledge them. They don’t deserve my attention. You only deserve my respect, attention and to be treated with dignity if you display sober habits and behave in a harmonious manner.

To be treated as a human, you must behave like a human. It is no use that you look like a human, but behave in a barbaric, opportunistic or destructive manner. I can only consider you a human if you respect all life forms … most of all if you respect your own body and the life you have been given.

I consider poor people, who displays sober, peaceful and harmonious lifestyles as the most remarkable beings on this planet.

I bow to you.

6) Live with integrity.

I have met utterly deceitful people who are convinced that they live life with integrity. Yes, they are delusional and out if touch with reality. They really suffer from some kind of a mental disorder.

The proof is in the pudding.

Your actions always reveal the truth, no matter how dilusional your words and beliefs are. I always only look at behaviour … words are superficial and useless to me. What you do or don’t do, displays your integrity or lack thereof.

To lead a life with integrity, simply means you do the right thing at all times and this ties in nicely with point 3 above.

7) Play sports with utter integrity.

It is beyond my comprehension how modern day sportsmen will still do anything to illegally gain an advantage or to win a game. Honour and integrity can only be seen in a very select few sportsmen. That these people are allowed to openly display blatant attempts to deceive the referee, is unfathomable. What message does this send to our children … that is is OK to be deceitful and dishonest?

You will also still see sportsmen with thug like mentality bad mouthing their opponents or sledging them in an effort to gain an advantage over them and throw their concentration off. How can this be allowed in this modern day? Are we barbaric like that? How can we even begin to respect people like this?

I am very sure their on field behaviour will also reflect in their daily behaviour away from the sports fields. If you are deceitful, aggressive and dishonest on field, you surely are the same off the field.

Doesn’t say much about them, does it?

8) Don’t cheat on your partner.

Now this one requires a special kind of feelingless person. To be committed to a person and look him/her in the eye while cheating behind their backs, is probably the worst possible action that can be taken by anyone. The level of deceit is equal to high treason towards your country. Being able to look your life partner in the eye and tell them you love him/her while you are cheating on them, is the ultimate act of disrespect and deceit. In my eyes only a criminal will be able to pull this off.

This also goes for single people whom are having affairs with married people. It is simply not on. Don’t do it. It is disgusting, wrong and nasty. The amount of negative energy a cheater draws into their lives by indulging in such negative and destructive behaviour will be the cause of dire results for the cheater at some stage in their lives. Nothing goes unpunished. What you give out into the Universe, is what you will get back.

I would rather immediately end my current relationship or marriage if I feel the need to be with someone else. That’s the honourable and right thing to do.

9) Be the best you can be.

Up to seven years ago, I was overweight and unhealthy. I was very miserable as a result. For the past seven years I am always in top shape, very healthy, happy and confident.

I feel on the top of my game in every possible way since I decided to always be the best version of myself. It takes total dedication, focus and discipline. The paybacks are enormous. I feel confident, strong and in control of my life. Positive and good things are attracted to me, because I am the best version of myself.

Just the simple act of taking care of yourself and being the best version of yourself, sends such a strong message out into the Universe that you are grateful for your body and the life you have been given. The Universe responds by sending you good and positive things and people.

10) Don’t bunch or form a line across a passage.

Such a simple act that displays your level of order, instead of chaos. It displays your level of consideration for others and ability to think and not be like a sheep, incapable of clear and logic thought.

I have been confronted many a time with situations where I approached a shop or bank in a mall where a que has formed. In the absence of a representative of that institution, people will invariably just create a line straight across the passage … and not along a wall in a nice orderly, considerateand disciplined manner.

No, they have to form a line right across the fucking passage, creating total chaos and obstruction.

When confronted with situations like these, I simply turn around and walk away and come back at another time when less people are in the shops. I would feel utterly embarrassed to stand in a line that goes across a passage. I would feel like a total idiot, because that’s something only idiots would do.

Such a simple thing, but it says such a lot about you.

Pay attention to detail. Do simple little things like this in an orderly and disciplined manner. You will be amazed how simple attention to detail and consideration of others will positively impact your life. It is all about the messages you send into the Universe. Either you send the message I am an idiotic sheep into the Universe … or I can think. I am orderly and disciplined.

I can tell you now that such a simple thing will tell me how you lead your life in general too. It says something about your mentality.

Remarkable people do the small and simple things right.

Be remarkable.

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