Predict your future based on your daily habits and rituals.

Predict your future based on your daily habits and rituals.

What you do today, predicts your future. Your daily rituals, habits and behaviour will accurately predict where you will end up in the future. Guaranteed. This is an absolute science … or a law of the Universe. Simply by observing people and their daily habits, we can predict where that person is going to end up later in life. It is therefore critical to use this knowledge to your advantage by adopting the right daily rituals, habits and behaviours.

I remember a case in South Africa, where an older sister stabbed her younger sister to death. Both were teenagers and the case shocked us all to the core. After initially trying to lie her way out of it, the older sister was eventually exposed and jailed. You might think that she served her penalty in jail and that all was forgiven. The Universe does not work like that. Her actions predicted much worse for her. Her actions predicted that she would lead a tormented life and die at a young age. It happened exactly like that. She died in a motor vehicle accident a short while after she was released from prison.

Spare a thought for the poor mother.

In another shocking case, a man stopped his car by the side of the road and shot his wife and two toddlers to death in a time when politcal unrest in South Africa was at a high. He tried to shift the blame to black people, who supposedly attacked his family. His lies were exposed and he was jailed. Again, his behaviour predicted that he would lead a tormented life and that he would die at a young age. Again, it happened exactly like that. Shortly after his release from prison, he was electrocuted and died on the scene.

Who didn’t see that coming?

Let’s consider road rage. Are you guilty of frequent aggression and interaction with other drivers? If so, you better stop. Before you know it, you will end up in a self created accident … or be beaten up … or shot. Or you will end up beating someone up or killing them. Your life will change forever in that instant. Not in a positive way. Even if you are able to avoid the abovementioned, you will simply draw in negative energy into your life by participating in negative and destructive actions such as road rage. My own brother suffered the consequences of a road rage incident. His body will never be the same … neither will his quality of life ever be what it could and would have been if he simply chose to take the next turnoff and drive away from an explosive situation. Instead, he chose to pursue engagement with the other driver and the end result was that his neck was broken. In that instant, his life changed for the worst … forever.

I remember always warning him not to get involved in road rage. Despite my best efforts, my warnings were ignored … and what I predicted would happen, did happen. When it did happen, it was too late to wish he had listened and backed off from an explosive situation. His actions predicted his future, long before it actually happened.

It really is so simple to understand.

I am always amazed by the comments from overweight and unhealthy people, stating that they cannot understand why they cannot lose weight or that they are self conscious about their bodies, etc. The simple truth is that their own bad daily habits are the cause for them being overweight and unhealthy. As Tony Robbins mentioned in one of his workshops (not his exact words, but similar): “Just by looking at the people in front of me, I can accurately predict what rituals you follow every day. Those that are in shape, will have a daily ritual of eating healthy foods, drinking healthy drinks and being disciplined. They will also be physically active. Those that are overweight and unhealthy will have daily rituals involving unhealthy eating, indiscipline and physical inactivity.” It really is as simple as that. Your daily rituals clearly predict where you will end up. You can either be fifty and have a youthful appearance, be stronger and better then ever before … or you can be fifty and have the appearance of a sixty-five year old person. I see this every day of my life. So many sicknesses and disease can be avoided simply by adopting the correct daily rituals and habits.

Let me tell you: It is easy to predict who will end up with cancer, diabetes or some other disease. Your daily rituals and habits will predict your future very accurately. Simply by looking at your daily eating and drinking regime, it can be predicted where you will end up in life … sooner or later.

You have the power to write your own script … be it negative or positive.

Let’s consider relationships or marriage. I bet I can predict with an high degree of accuracy which relationships or marriages will last and which won’t. If I observe people long enough, I will be able to spot daily rituals and habits that wil either lead to a long, lasting and happy marriage or one that will end up in divorce or constant unhappiness and conflict. It really is not rocket science. If you hang out in bars, abuse alcohol, flirt with other people, are dishonest, deceitful and constantly fight with your partner (or scream and shout at your poor children), you can rest assured that your relationship is doomed for failure. Your behaviour and rituals predict the outome of any relationship.

You can never say, “I didn’t see that one coming.”

How about if you use, abuse and cheat your way through life? Think you will lead a happy and fulfilled retired life? Think again. If you are not dead by fifty, you will end up with all kinds of illnesses, disease and unhappiness … guaranteed. The majority of your life will be unpleasant, uncomfortable and unhappy, despite the fortune you may have accumulated.

Why do you think people end up homeless on the streets? Bad luck? There is no such thing. It all boils down to the choices they have made in life. Your daily rituals and habits will predict if you will become homeless or not. Each homeless person out there has a (true) story that will make it clear why they ended up being homeless. They wrote their own script. Their daily actions and rituals caused them to be homeless and poor. Nobody else is to blame … they steered their own lives towards the inevitable result.

The truth is undeniable.

If you don’t educate yourself, you will never prosper professionally. With that, I don’t mean you must achieve a degree (although that’s an excellent thing to do). I mean that you must educate yourself in your chosen field of interest. You can drop out of school in Grade eight, but become a multi-millionare because of the skills you have acquired in your chosen profession. The point is you will become a creator of jobs … never work for someone else. Your passion and willingness to improve your skillset will propel you upwards professionally. Doors will open for you. Those that simply work their nine to five boring job, which they hate, but never educate themselves and expand their skillsets, cannot go on to bigger and better things. Their daily actions and rituals predict where they will end up further in the future (still unhappy and still stuck in their boring nine to five jobs).

I am always astounded by criminals and their short sighted behaviour. By being the criminals they are, they are simply dooming themselves to a short and unpleasant life. Live by the sword, die by the sword. If you riot and loot and destroy things, you are only dooming yourself to a life of uphill struggle, poverty, fear and unhappiness. It is a vicious cycle of negative energy that will hold you captive for as long (or short) as you live. Again, your actions and behaviour predicts your future….

There are those today who wants everything for free. They are unable to provide for themselves and live to drink their weekends away. Some even want their tertiary education for free. What will the end result be? Their behaviour predicts their future. They will always have the victim mentality and will never prosper in life. They will always remain someone else’s problem. The system must always look after them. They will always live from hand to mouth and will never be in demand professionally.

The manner in which you treat your clients and the quality of service you deliver, will predict how successful you will be in your career. Always deliver passionate work and always having a good attitude and enjoyable personality … and you will always be in demand, even during difficult times. The colour of your skin is never a predictor of how successful you will be in life. Definitely not. Only your actions, daily rituals, passion and commitment to good service delivery, will either make you highly in demand or cause you to struggle. You write that script … nobody else … and not the colour of your skin.

If you have the nasty habit of living in the past … always uttering negative words … thinking negative thoughts … wishing bad things onto others … always playing the victim … you are predicting your own future. You will have a life of negativity, bad luck and unpleasant situations. Life will be difficult for you. Guaranteed.

By associating yourself with the wrong people … or the wrong behaviour … we can predict your future with accuracy. Your life will continue on that downward spiral associated with people and behaviour like that. Nothing good can come from making the wrong choices.

If you have dreams and goals you would like to achieve, your own action and daily rituals will predict if you are going to reach those goals and dreams. If you talk a lot, but do nothing, you will look back in a year from now and still be no further along the road to realise those dreams and goals. However, if you start by taking one step towards that goal every single day, you WILL achieve that goal. That sense of accomplishment will propel you to achieve even more and better dreams and goals.

Let me share with you my daily rituals and habits:

I work for myself from home. I have been doing so since January 1994. The one thing I quickly learnt was to always make sure that I put my eight hours of productive work in each and every day. If I do that, the financial rewards will be there. My daily action in this regard also made sure that my focussed energy draws in more work to me. So, by taking one step towards the right direction every day, I am making sure that the financial rewards will be there … and new work gets drawn in to me. Now, if I lay on the coach every day or sat in a bar instead of doing my work, that would not happen, will it? Simply make sure you take a step in the right direction every day by adopting the right rituals and behaviour.

I also know that what I put into my body, will determine how I will feel and look in the days to come … so I make sure to only put good and wholesome foods and drinks into my body every single day. By doing that, I am sure to stay in shape, remain full of energy and be healthy and vibrant. Consuming the wrong foods and drinks always makes me feel lethargic and out of energy. The right foods have the opposite effect. I always focus on how I want to look and feel … and then I take the right step daily that would support that image. So, I eat right … drink right and train right every single day. Just by taking that small step in the right direction every day, I am able to always be in shape, remain fit and healthy. On top of that, I am just getting better, fitter and stronger as I age. You will not believe what I do daily in crossfit classes at the age of fifty-four. The younger version of myself will be ashamed.

The next little step I take daily is to meditate or manifest. I will always make time to sit alone somewhere or to go for a walk. While doing that, I will repeat and reinforce the eighteen or nineteen orders (or wishes) I had put in to the Universe. So, every day I remind myself what I want to achieve … and then I make sure to actively take one step forward every day for each of those wishes. By doing that, I am ensuring that I will achieve every single one of those dreams or wishes. Again, daily rituals….

The next step I take each and every day, is to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually … so I make sure to read something or watch something educational every evening that would make sure that I take a step forward in that area. It really is no use to postpone these positive actions to the next day when you might feel like it. Just do it, daily. Make it a habit. Feed and exercise your brain, daily. That’s a step forward, every day.

The same goes for my studies. I make time to study each and every evening. Just one step forward each and every day. That’s all that is needed to achieve whatever acadamic qualifications you are after. Don’t postpone and leave it too late, because then the mountain before you might be too big to overcome. Rather take one small step forward each and every day and the degree will be yours.

Family and friends are also important in my life. For that reason, I will make time to chat with them and keep in daily touch. Even forwarding a little joke to people who are special to me, makes sure that they know they are important to me. That little action, is like taking a step forward in making sure I reinforce and maintain the relationship with those family and friends. Receiving one message from family or friends daily, tells me that I am important to them. They are making an effort to keep in contact with me. That’s a beautiful thing. Once you lose touch, it is difficult to rebuild that connection … so I make sure to take one step forward every day by keeping in touch with those people most special to me. That simple action predicts how healthy your social and family circles will be.

Just one step per day in the right direction (towards each and every dream) is all that is required. It is like climbing a mountain. Just take one step forward … you will and must reach the top at some stage. It is inevitable. So, simply see each of your daily rituals and habits as taking one step forward towards your desired goals. You MUST and WILL achieve them of you do so.

However, unhealthy daily rituals will predict stagnation, unhappiness and ill health.

In conclusion, my daily eating and drinking behaviours and rituals predicts that I will remain healthy and fit. It also predicts that I will maintain good relationships with my family and friends. My work etchic predicts that I will flourish financially. By reading and watching educational stuff, I make sure that I am growing intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. By writing at least one page of a new book or studying one page towards my studies, we can predict that I will finalise another book and achieve another degree. By not associating myself with the wrong people, we can predict that I would probably not end up in negative situations. So simple.

Just adopt the right daily rituals and habits in every facet of your life. Take one step forward in each area. By doing that, you can safely predict your future with a high degree of accuracy.

Just one little step forward every day … in every facet of your life, is all that is required.

Write your own script.

Predict your own future, by adopting the right daily rituals and habits.


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