The alienation of my son, Sam (#006)

So, now I have been cleared by the SAPS and State Prosecutor that I may see my son. Good news indeed … but what astounded me, was that these clowns – who caused total havoc and destruction in our lives – now just left us to pick up the pieces all by ourselves. Incredibly, the same idiots who repeat the phrase “it’s all about the best interests of the child,” like true parrots, did not once think of seeing to it that father and son gets reunited with each other.

Isn’t that in the best interest of the child?


Not in the world of these incompetent idiots.

The South African Police Child Protection Sevices came into our lives and tore father and son away from each other. They assisted Evil Anne in the alienation of father and son. They used the phrase, “it’s all about the best interests of the child” to justify their support for Evil Anne. Then – after many months of doing nothing (but assisting in the alienation of father and son) they simply said, “Yes, OK you can see your child” and then left us just like that … after all the trauma, pain and destruction they had caused in our lives. In a sensible and logical system, they should then have gone all out to make sure that father and son gets reunited with each other … and that Evil Anne gets prosecuted. They did none of that. They just walked away and left us to pick up the pieces.

How is this in the best interest of the child?

These people are equally guilty of criminal behaviour as Evil Anne is. As I said before, they must and will be exposed.

The first step I took when I was cleared to see my son, was to appoint an attorney to deal directly with Evil Anne. To me, she had seized to exist as a human being. I could not bring myself to even acknowledge her in any way, let alone communicate with her on any level. It is at this time that Evil Anne tried a fast one by borrowing money to try to (again) discredit me as Sam’s father. She approached the High Court in Cape Town and tried to ambush the system, then only notified us of the court date two days before. Despite their underhanded action, we were able to respond and file opposing papers by the court date. She didn’t see that one coming. She counted on us not having enough time to respond. We stopped her in her tracks. In the next few months, we got involved in litigation, which ended in a High Court order being issued in my favour. In short, the court granted me all my wishes and rejected all of Evil Anne’s wishes. A massive victory for me and my legal team. The bottom line was that the Family Advocate was appointed to look into and report back to the court re which parent Sam should permanently live with. That has been ongoing ever since … at my cost. It is a slow and methodical (and very costly) process.

Now let me share the shocking timeline with you. This should make it very clear how Evil Anne had coached and manipulated my little boy to further her own evil agenda. Stand back and see pure evil at work:

On 18 April 2016, my ex wife was in contact with both me and Evil Anne. My ex wife was playing the role of a self appointed detective on my behalf, to establish the whereabouts of Evil Anne. I suppose she was hoping I would be so grateful for this that I would take her back. That didn’t happen. It was only then that I learnt that Evil Anne had moved away to Cape Town with my son. On 20 April 2016, the pre-school in Cape Town suddenly reported that Sam was saying negative things about me as his father. Remember how she had also coached her other son to make the same comments about her ex husband a few years before that? Yes, the same evil cycle was repeating itself.

See the coincidence? Just two days after my ex had contacted Evil Anne, my son was now suddenly making negative comments about me. You really don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand what is going on here.

But wait … there is more.

On 17 August 2016, Advocate Linda le Roux (State Prosecutor) cleared me to see my son. This was immediately followed by a spike in negative comments from my son to the pre-school. The pre-school also fell prey to Evil Anne’s evil agenda and suddenly concluded that Sam was doing drawings with sinister meanings. These were dated 24 and 25 August 2016. Then, on 6 September 2016, the pre-school also drew sinister conclusions from another drawing Sam did, although they were not trained psychologists or social workers.

Evil Anne was clearly coaching and manipulating Sam to act for the audience, each time she heard anything from my side.

So, twice now there were immediate spikes in negative behaviour from my son immediately after events (he had no knowledge of … or should not have had any knowledge of) happened. Just a coincidence, you say? Think again.

Maybe this will convince you otherwise….

On 19 September 2016, my attorney came into contact with Evil Anne to arrange immediate visitation with my son. On 20 September 2016, the pre-school suddenly reported that Sam was scared out of his mind, because “I was on my way to come hurt him.” Now, remember, Sam should not be aware of the fact that we had contacted his mother. It is blatantly obvious how Evil Anne was coaching him to act for the audience and manipulating the pre-school to support her in her evil agenda.

So, three events (of which my five year old son should have had no knowledge of) followed by immediate negative reaction from him. The negative reaction was not staggered or random. They came immediately after there was any mention of my name to his mother (not to him). She was the one who involved him. She was the one who scared him and told him that I wanted to come hurt him. Can you imagine what that little boy had to go through? Again, I must remind you that she did the very same thing to her other son and ex husband…..

See what Evil Anne was doing?

It is so blatantly obvious.

On 18 October 2016, Evil Anne informed the pre-school that I had applied to the High Court to take Sam away from her and take over primary care. Remember, this was all done in court papers, of which Sam should know nothing. On 22 October 2016, Evil Anne got the pre-school to sit down with Sam and he made negative comments about me. It was obvious from the comments that he was coached to believe that I wanted to come hurt him. OK, it is obvious that there is a pattern here, right? Even the most devoted Evil Anne supporter would agree that there is a definite pattern on display here. Coincidence has long been ruled out.

But wait … there is even more.

On my birthday, 7 December 2016, Sam and I had our first Skype session after not seeing each other for thirteen months. I was in Port Elizabeth and he in Cape Town. A social worker supervised Sam. Despite what Evil Anne had coached Sam to say to the pre-school, he reacted the opposite way when he saw me. He blew kisses at me and told me he loved me. We had a lovely session. However, Evil Anne made sure she was nearby to hear how he interacted with me. When she heard how positively he reacted to me, she went to work on him. She then coached him and threatened (just like she did to her other son and ex husband) him to behave negatively in the following Skype session a few days thereafter. His behaviour changed like day and night. The change in his behaviour didn’t make any sense. Yet, despite her coaching, he could not maintain the false facade for long … and always ended up interacting pleasantly with me. Again, it was blatantly obvious how she was manipulating and coaching him to act for the audience in support of her evil agenda. Abusing her child in this way, didn’t matter to her. It was all about what she wanted … not about the harm she was doing to Sam … and definitely not about the best interests of the child.

On 17 December 2016, Sam and I were physically reunited with each other. His behaviour was as loving and close to me as always. He told me that he was very happy to have me back in his life. The time we spent together went brilliantly well. He did not display one moment of fear or trauma, in the absence of Evil Anne. He was up close and personal to me at all times. During this session, we saw how Evil Anne’s other son was spying on us. We pretended not to see him. Then suddenly, when Evil Anne realised that Sam was not behaving as she had coached him to do, she went to work on him with more determination. Then Sam suddenly made negative comments to me during our next physical contact session. This happened only after we had played nicely for four hours, when I announced that I had to leave. He first played lovingly and beautifully with me for a few hours and then – when I had to leave – he suddenly remembered that he better make some negative comments, otherwise his mother would punish him later. The comments were made without any feeling … he certainly didn’t mean what he said. He just mouthed the words his mother had coached him to say.

It became very obvious then how Sam would run to me in wild excitement when I arrived for physical contact sessions, but how rejected he would feel when I had to go. Despite what his mother had coached him to do and say, he knew who his father was and he felt safe with me. His loving behaviour towards me simply rubbished everything Evil Anne tried to convince everyone. Sam wanted to get into my car on numerous occassions, wanting to go with me. His behaviour said it all. The heartbreaking thing to witness was how Evil Anne was ruthlessly exposing our innocent son to emotional and psychological abuse to further her own evil agenda.

On 27 January 2017, my attorney filed 254-page thick court papers to the High Court in Cape Town. A copy was also sent to Evil Anne. Let me tell you what this wonderful mother of the year did then. Can you guess? She shared certain things from my court papers with five-year old Sam simply to get him to make negative comments against me. Things he should have had no knowledge of, was shared with him. How shocking is this? What kind of a mother involves a five-year old boy in adult litigation? Yet, nobody stepped in to take her to task. Everyone was simply observing the situation and making notes for their respective reports … never once intervening to save Sam from the emotional and psychological abuse he was being subjected to by his mother.

From then on, we all witnessed the trend of negative coaching by Evil Anne each time there was an evaluation or appointment with a social worker or a pshycologist. I told all these people even before they saw Sam that he was going to be coached to act negatively for the audience (in stark contrast to how loving he was towards me before each of those critical meetings). It happened exactly as predicted every time. It was so blatantly obvious what Evil Anne was doing behind the scenes to her innocent little child. And still, everyone just made notes on what they observed and did nothing to intervene. This traumatised me very much. I could not stand by and see how my innocent little child was being abused by his own mother. I would rather walk away and save him from the abuse he was being subjected to … but that would have played nicely into Evil Anne’s plans, wouldn’t it? That would have meant that she got away with the perfect crime … so, I simply had to stay strong and fight for justice for Sam and I.

That is where we are at present. All the evaluations and investigations have been done. Evil Anne has been exposed. Everyone involved have realised what she had done. The evidence is there for all to see. The next step is to present all the documents to the High Court and have Evil Anne prosecuted and my son placed under my permanent care. The process takes time and it is costly … very costly … but we are now almost at the end of it. We will also most certainly sue the South African Police Child Protection Services for their role in the alienation of my son and I … and then not for accepting responsibility to reunite us with each other, as they should have.

So, this is my last post about this subject. I needed to document this story for various reasons. Firstly, in the hope that I can save other parents and their children from the same fate. Secondly, to make sure the right people learn about this story so that the system can be updated and become more “best interest of the child friendly” …. because at present it is anything but. My third objective was to make sure that there is a public record of exactly what happened, so that my son would be able to learn the horrific truth, should something happen to me.

The truth must be revealed to him, period. Remember, Evil Anne did exactly the same thing to her ex-husband … and her father and stepmother also alienated her from her real mother many years ago. This is a pattern in her life.

How sad is it that an innocent little child’s life was allowed to be so brutally destroyed due to the actions of his own mother? I am very scared of the damage that was done to Sam. I am worried about how he will turn out later in life … how all of this would affect him on the long run.

It is beyond comprehension.

I can just hope he is blessed with my good genes and that he will become a better person because of (and prosper in spite of) what happened to him.

Justice for Sam.


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  1. This is something, especially a father should never have to experience. So sad, people can resort to this level of behavior, especially when a young child is at the centre of it all!


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